Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Desperately Seeking Democrats

Man, the Bush-Cheney campaign must be getting into Full Panic Mode. Its supreme self-confidence that it could win this thing simply by getting the conservative base lathered up into a state of righteous hysteria seems to be slipping. The evidence? Yesterday W. varied from his stump speech in Wisconsin by making a pitch for votes from--are you ready?--Democrats. Never mind that he doesn't allow them to attend his campaign rallies; he still wants their votes. And get this: his pitch is that he is a president in the tradition of "Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman and John Kennedy."

My colleague The Moose calls this speech "Grave Robbery." I call it something unprintable.

Today's New Dem Daily says everything printable I could say about the incredible effrontery of Bush's latest tactic.
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