Thursday, October 21, 2004

Welcome To the Zoo

Well, it's now official, or perhaps I should say unofficial (since, like NewDonkey, the site is unofficially sponsored by the DLC). Marshall Wittmann's deservedly notorious Bull Moose Blog is back up, and it's good to see that he hasn't lost his distinctive voice, or his ability to run crashing through the thickets of contemporary politics. I urge everybody who enjoys NewDonkey to visit the Moose early and often. After all, the Moose drives Karl Rove absolutely crazy, and strong traffic numbers may distract The Dark Lord of BC04 from whatever devilment he's up to in the home stretch of this campaign.

In honor of Marshall's inaugural posts, I have conjured up from the memory banks a bit of anonymous doggerel from the 1912 Teddy Roosevelt campaign that I read at some point during the last thirty years:

I want to be a Bull Moose
And with the Bull Moose stand
With antlers on my forehead
And a big stick in my hand.

Welcome to the Zoo!
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