Sunday, January 16, 2005

Gay Marriage Cynicism

Another great moment in the Washington Post's interview with the President occurred when he breezily allowed as how he had no intention of pushing for approval of a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. Why? Because he's discovered that a lot of Senators think there's no need for it. "Senators have made it clear that so long as DOMA [the statutory Defense of Marriage Act that said no state had to recognize any other state's action to legalize gay marriages] is deemed constitutional, nothing will happen," said Bush. "I'd take their admonition seriously... Until that changes, nothing will happen in the Senate."

Well jeez, Mr. President, this has been the central argument against your constitutional amendment proposal all along, and explicitly the position of the Kerry-Edwards campaign: that there was no evidence to support your lurid vision of "activist judges" in one state running wild and forcing gay marriage on Red States. That didn't stop you from promoting it before the election and forcing the issue into the presidential race, right? I mean, had you adopted this "let's wait and see" attitude on gay marriage a bit earlier, we wouldn't have all had to endure a campaign marred by an inherently bitter and divisive issue, right?

The cynicism of Bush's "never mind" statement on gay marriage is hard to mistake. He and his party richly deserve whatever backlash they incur from social conservatives on this one.
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