Thursday, February 10, 2005

Celebrity Search Update Update

Nine seconds after I published the last post touting Bob Dylan for the U.S. Senate from Minnesota, a colleague informed me that his candidacy might be impeded by "these really creepy ads he's doing for Victoria's Secret." That's what I get for never watching television.

So here's my last suggestion, unless it's not: the Coen Brothers. Interest in the candidacy could be significantly enhanced by a party-wide debate over which Coen Brother should run: Ethan or Joel? Joel or Ethan? You betcha and darn tootin.'

And BTW, who knew how many Jewish celebrities seem to have grown up in Minnesota? I mean, what's the Jewish percentage of the population up there, maybe one-fourth of one percent? Next thing you know, somebody's going to email me to let me know the Marx Brothers were actually born in Sauk Center, or that Sandy Koufax went to St. Olaf's.

UPDATE ON THE UPDATE UPDATE: No, I haven't been informed of any heretofore unrecognized Minnesota Jewish Celebrities, but regular correspondent Russell King, bless his soul, did some research: the Jewish percentage of the Gopher State population is 0.9 percent--higher than I guessed, but still not enough to support more than one or two world-class delicatessens, I suspect. But Russell, who hails from the Cheesehead State of Wisconsin, went on to point out that the Jewish percentage of the population there is even lower: 0.5 percent. Yet Wisconsin boasts not one but two fine Jewish Democratic U.S. Senators.

I guess it's time to say to the Jewish community of the upper Midwest: Mazel Tov!
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