Thursday, February 10, 2005

Celebrity Search Update

A remarkable number of kind readers have emailed me in response to my last post, to let me know that Kirby Puckett may have, er, ah, some personal issues that would make him a less than ideal candidate to beef up the Democratic "family values" message. (It's interesting: I did a long post the same day wishing Howard Dean good luck at the DNC, which you might think would raise an eyebrow or two, and absolutely nobody noticed. But a joking reference to a celebrity or two really lit up the boards. Maybe I should get to work on post exploring the relevance of Prince Charles' engagement to the Social Security battle).

In any event, I thought Al Franken's expected announcement that he would run for Mark Dayton's Senate seat meant I could suspend my "draft a celebrity" search. But now it appears he was just joking.

So now maybe it's time to think about Minnesota native Bob Dylan. There should definitely be a place in Washington for the author of "Idiot Wind."
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