Sunday, March 13, 2005

A New Series?

Today's latest Washington Post installment of the Jack Abramoff/Indian Casino/Ralph Reed story is especially surreal. James Dobson puts in a guest appearance in a supporting role to Reed in pledging to whip up evangelical Christian opposition to a rival to Ambramoff's client. The senior leadership of the U.S. Department of the Interior drifts in an out of the story as they weigh various Indian casino bids and warily eye politically connected suitors. Huge amounts of money change hands. Golf junkets abound.

If you didn't know this was nonfiction, you'd almost swear the whole spectacle was a promo for some new HBO series called The Cross and the Croupier or Indian Givers or Triple Cross or something. If this doesn't become the Watergate of this era, it's not for lack of drama, intrigue, or tragi-comedy. Don't wait for the DVD; pop some popcorn and read it now.
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