Thursday, March 17, 2005

Sociological Insight

Like a lot of people, when the internet was young I subscribed to a lot of list-serves that fed me little items to brighten my day and provide an excuse not to do real work. One I've retained as an expression of solidarity with my beleagured Faith Community is the Episcopal Church's list-serve, which also provides a handy way to keep current on the endless Human Sexuality fights that have made Anglicans sound like the last die-hard disciples of Freud.

But I just got an email with a headline that really made my day:

"Episcopalian sociologist finds that most teenagers are inarticulate about their faith."

This created in me an overpowering urge to attend the next major conference of sociologists within commuting distance to seek out its Episcopalian subgroup, which will definitely sponsor the best-stocked open-bar reception. But it also made me sad for the millions of religiously confused Americans who must now look elsewhere for the theological guidance our teenagers are incompetent to provide.
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