Monday, April 18, 2005

Traffic Report

I have promised several correspondants not to "blog about blogs" very often, but there is a basic reporting function I think I need to offer to readers: how many of them are there?

This question was prompted by a MyDD post, based on an inscrutable primary source, that ranks political blogs by weekly page-views. There are all sorts of disqualifying factors for the rankings, and being institutionally sponsored (like this blog and The Moose) seems to be one of them. But I'm happy to report that our traffic appears to put both of us comfortably into the top 35 or so--New Donkey is regularly getting about 90,000 page views a week, while The Moose usually tops 100k--establishing both these blogs as Mid-Majors. Not bad for centrist blogs that have only been up for about seven months, and that don't boost page views with comments or diaries.

Thanks to all of you who visit this site for putting it in shouting distance of the Big Berthas, and I'll try to earn your continued interest.
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