Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Tory Collapse?

With the British elections just a few hours away now, the final polls indicate that Tony Blair and Labour are headed for a third term, as late deciders break towards Labour and the Liberal Democrats. A Populus poll for the Times of London has the Tories dropping to 27 percent, with Labour at 37 percent and the Lib Dems at 21 percent. In other words, the Tories are again showing that they are not an effective opposition party, even with marginally better leadership than they had in the last two elections.

If the polls are accurate, Labour could come out of this election maintaining a better than 100 seat majority in the House of Commons, despite Blair's personal unpopularity and much voter angst over Iraq.

It's been a while since any national election pretty much anywhere has given me much reason to smile, so I'm looking foward to tomorrow.
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