Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Bible Girl Returns For a Limited Engagement

Many of you are probably familiar with the work of Amy Sullivan (who half-jokingly calls herself Bible Girl in reflection of her tireless devotion to the cause of making it clear the Cultural Right has no monopoly on Christianity), who gave up her blog, Political Aims, a while back to work as an editor at Washington Monthly. I'm happy to report that the fine folks over at Beliefnet have signed up Amy for a brief stint of blogging on religion and politics.

You can tell she's missed the blogosphere, because she's knocking out several posts a day, and it's good to see she hasn't lost her distinctive tone of exasperated reasonableness. These are exasperating times for reasonable people.

Be sure to check out Amy's posts on the John Hostettler outrage on the House floor, the heavy-handed GOP effort to Foxify public radio and television, and Tom Monaghan's rather creepy campaign to build a conservative Catholic gated utopia in Central Florida. I expect to weigh in on at least a couple of these subjects myself in a bit.

NOTE: I know this is getting old, but I'm continuing to experience serious Wi-Fi problems, which have interfered with my ususal nocturnal blogging habits, but the techies are working on it.
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