Thursday, July 07, 2005


Like all of us, I'm still in shock and horror about the terrorist attack on London earlier today. No, the death count may not reach the levels of 9/11, Bali or Madrid, but the indiscriminate savagery of the attacks is the same.

I did a post over at TPMCafe.com that represented a preemptive strike on the idea that Britain was targeted strictly because of its involvement in Iraq, because I am quite sure that's what we are soon going to hear from all sorts of circles, especially in Europe, where there has long been an illusion that it's possible to strike a separate peace with Jihadist terrorism by engaging in anti-American posturing now and then. Today's New Dem Dispatch deals with the significance of the attacks more generally.

Virtually the whole world expressed simple solidarity with our country after 9/11. I hope the differences of opinion about how to fight terrorism that have arisen since then will not inhibit a similar expression of solidarity--especially from Americans--with Britain today.
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