Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Get Yer Program!

As someone who's deeply into the Abramoff/Scanlon/Norquist/Reed Casino Shakedown Scandal, I'm aware it's a complicated game where it's hard to keep the players straight. That's why I recommend you read a post by Josh Eidelson up on TPMCafe's Auction House section that gives a quick but thorough rundown of the key figures other than Casino Jack himself. And while you're roaming around the Auction House (the site's forum for news on various House GOP scandals), be sure to read Austin Bonner's earlier post about Abramoff's pricey Washington restaurant, which has served as a feedbag and watering whole for those involved in Jack's various schemes.

After all, as they say at the ballpark, you don't know your players without a program--or in some cases, a menu.
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