Sunday, November 27, 2005

West Wing

It's always nice when the New York Times looks beyond its prime readership and takes notice of the rest of the country. And that's why I applaud Timothy Egan's Week in Review piece today on successful Democratic governors west of the Mississippi.

Those of you who read Democratic blogs probably know all about Montana's Brian Schweitzer, and Egan gives him his due. But he also focuses on Wyoming's Dave Freudenthal, Kansas's Kathleen Sebelius, Arizona's Janet Napolitano, and New Mexico's Bill Richardson, and more generally makes the point that 12 of the 22 current Democratic governors have been elected in states carried by George W. Bush in 2004.

The success of Democratic governors in "red states" is one of the most under-reported political stories of our decade. And the ranks of those red-state Donkeys may well increase significantly next year.

So read Egan, but also get ready to make a New Year's Resolution to pay more attention to gubernatorial politics in 2006, and join the debate as to why Democrats are able to win in states where our presidential candidates are losing. This is one subject on which the DLC--which is close to many of these red-state governors--and anti-Washington-Establishment Democrats, should be able to see things the same way.
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