Monday, January 23, 2006

Buying the Stairway To Heaven

During a busy weekend down in the country, I neglected to do my usual trolling of Georgia media to see if anything significant had happened to damage the campaign of Casino Jack Abramoff's buddy Ralph Reed to become Lieutenant Governor of the Empire State (and then Governor, and then President of the United States).

Fortunately, the Carpetbagger Report was more vigiliant than I was, and supplied links to two Atlanta Journal-Constitution articles about Ralph's frantic effort to avoid embarassment at the annual meeting of his homeboys and homegirls, the Christian Coalition of Georgia.

On Saturday, Jim Galloway reported that Reed's campaign was offering via email to pay registration fees and even pick up hotel room costs for supporters willing to show up for the Christian Right gabfest.

But on Sunday, the AJC's James Salzer filed a story from the event itself, reporting that the crowd appeared equally divided in support between Reed and his primary opponent, state senator Casey Cagle.

This is really bad news for Ralph: he shells out cash to make it easy for his friends to attend what should have been a revival meeting for his campaign, and instead he gets a tepid reception and mixed reviews.

True, Ralph has been spending a lot more time lately in the service of Mammon than of God, and Mammon's legions may still back him in the July GOP primary. But still, he tried to use Mammon's resources to put on a good show for the faithful this weekend, and it appears to have gone over about as well as his claims that he didn't know Jack Abramoff was shoveling gambling money in his direction.

As those intrepid politico-theological pundits Led Zeppelin observed, it's a perilous business to buy the stairway to heaven.
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