Monday, July 10, 2006

Let's Try This One More Time....

Somebody in my office forwarded a piece from Hotline today citing a Chris Bowers MyDD post in which Chris, sort of stamping his foot, once again decries the hypocrisy of those who criticize netroots types for going after Joe Lieberman while "conservative Democrats" and "the DLC" are trying to purge Sen. Daniel Akaka of Hawaii, via a primary challenge by Rep. Ed Case.

This is the third time Chris has made this argument, and after the second one, I did a response making it clear that the DLC has nothing at all to do with Case's challenge to Akaka, which is, best I can tell, mainly about Akaka's advanced age (81) and the possibility that he could be replaced at some point during the next six years by a Republican apointee. The rationale for Case's candidacy is not one for the squeamish, to be sure, but it certainly does not reflect some sort of national centrist "purge" of Akaka, whom I barely knew anything about until I started reading that I was apparently involved in a plot to drive him from office.

Now I don't expect Chris Bowers to read this blog regularly, but he's pretty influential in some circles, and insofar as he seems to have lurid ideas about the DLC's trans-Pacific reach, he might want to actually find out if this DLC- goes-after-Akaka story line has any basis in reality. It doesn't.
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