Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Late Night

Well, my suggestion that this would be an early night for political junkies was obviously wrong. A combination of close races, slow counts (caused largely by high turnouts) and very cautious media "calls," has made this election a real nail-biter.

At this point, the net Democratic gain in House seats stands at 25, and climbing.

In the Senate, we've won three seats so far. Tennessee is gone; Virginia (where Jim Webb leads by about two thousand votes with a handful of scattered Democratic and Republican precincts still out) is going into Recount Land; Claire McKaskill has taken a late narrow lead in MO, and Jon Tester has a steady but still early lead in MT.

We've won 6 net governorships so far; the only real disappointment has been in RI, which was excrutiatingly close.

And further down ballot, we've won control of a number of state legislative chambers: both Houses in IA (where Dems pulled off the trifecta of holding the governorship and flipping both the state legislature and the congressional delegation), the IN House, the MN Senate, the NH Senate, and the MI House.

It's taken a while to develop, but this is a good late night for Donkeys, with the possibility of getting better by Dawn's early light.

UPDATE: CNN has called MO for McCaskill. So it's now down to VA and MT.
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