Monday, April 30, 2007

Three Perspectives On Globalization

Over at The Democratic Strategist, Will Marshall and Ed Gresser of the Progressive Policy Institute have published a provocative take on the taxonomy of progressive attitudes towards globalization. Two of their categories are well-known: the "neo-populists" who largely view globalization in its current form as a malevolent, corporate-driven phenomenon that must be resisted if not somehow overthrown; and "progressive modernizers" of the Clinton tradition who are unambiguously pro-trade but favor a stronger safety net for affected workers and communities.

One of the most interesting things about the Marshall-Gresser essay is its treatment of a third perspective: "social democrats" who point to European models for policies and politics that might reconcile economic growth, a high standard of income and security for workers, and globalization itself. They conclude the "social democrats" have a lot more in common with "progressive modernizers" than with "neo-populists," which is not how this fault lines are usually drawn.

Check it out.
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