Friday, October 29, 2004


It's 4:27 EST, and like anyone near a television, I'm waiting to see the new Osama bin Laden tape that surfaced today. Although the tape itself has apparently not been completely translated yet, it shows Osama attacking Bush. The Fox News people are already calling this "Osama's endorsement of Kerry," and Drudge has followed quickly with "Osama campaigns against Bush."

I have a very low opinion of the ethics of the Bush apparatchiks, but this shocks even me. It will be interesting to see how Kerry responds, and whether the more official BC04 types pull back from this despicable tactic.

UPDATE: Now that material from the tape is dribbling out making it clear that Osama explicitly said it didn't make any difference who leads the infidels from the White House, the wingers seem to be pulling back a bit from the direct suggestion that he's intervening in the election to help or hurt one candidate or the other. Now the conservative line is that it's a break for the president because it squashes the al Qa Qaa story and shifts the discussion to Bush's supposed area of greatest strength. It also, of course, reinforces Kerry's reminder that Osama's still out there making threats because the administration failed to crush him, kill him or capture him at Tora Bora.
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