Friday, December 10, 2004

Green Day

Have you given up entirely on Congress or the administration doing anything constructive on the environment? Couldn't really blame you, given the recent record, and the general attitude of Washington's current management that environmental initiatives reflect either (a) the ravings of pagan eco-terrorists who want snail darters to take over every middle-manager's back-yard swimming pool, or (b) the secret comeback strategy of socialist central planners to control the commanding hights of the economy.

But a lot of people have forgotten that the first big round of environmental initiatives in the early 1970s began not in Washington but in the states, and that most recent progress on the environment has involved place-based local coalitions like the one that helped avoid an eco-catastrophe in the Chesapeake Bay.

Maybe it's time to look around the country to find ways to regain national momentum towards a better environment. Check out a new report from the Progressive Policy Institute that outlines four "green strategies" that federal policymakers should be urged to emulate, before it's too late.
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