Thursday, January 06, 2005

The Imperative of Election Reform

Now that the effort to hold up the official ratification of George W. Bush's re-election has failed, Democrats have three choices about how to deal with the electoral irregularities that characterized this, and the last, presidential election.

(1) They can ignore the issue because there is no immediate payoff for dealing with it, an approach that will make Republicans quite happy.

(2) They can make it a partisan grievance by advancing an essentially conspiracy-theory based argument that Republicans have now stolen two straight presidential elections, which will also make the GOP quite happy.

(3) They can aggressively push for dealing with the problem by enacting a new, and this time effective, election reform law that ensures intrastate uniformity and interstate minimum standards for how federal elections are conducted.

The second approach is a mistake. And the first approach is inevitable unless we agree to pursue the third approach. That's what the DLC called for in today's New Dem Daily, and this is one strategy Democrats of every ideological persuasion ought to be able to agree upon.
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