Monday, January 24, 2005

A Real Crisis For Our Far-Sighted President

George W. Bush has now claimed the oracular mantle of a leader much too far-sighted to be troubled with the here-and-now--a man who looks beyond ephemeral problems like the mess in Iraq or the federal budget meltdown to gaze from high on history's crest towards the End of Tyranny and the Social Security Crisis of 2060 or whatever it is.

So perhaps this report on the catastrophic dimensions of global climate change will get His Serene Majesty's attention.

Oh, sorry, forgot. Been there, dismissed that as an enviro-hoax to destroy the U.S. economy and teach Druidism in public schools. But it's sure going to be a truly royal pain in the butt for Bush if Tony Blair continues to use his chairmanship of the G-8 to draw attention to this issue, and to the Bush administration's continued efforts to bury it until "the day after tomorrow."
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