Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Reform As Meta-Message

If there's one thing you can find at least tentative agreement on across the spectrum of Democratic opinion these days, it's that the Donkey needs to squarely represent "reform" at a time when the GOP controls, and continues to abuse, total power in Washington.

But sometimes it's hard to shake the old belief that election reform, redistricting reform, budget reform, tax reform, campaign finance reform, etc., are at bottom "goo goo" process issues that are too boring to provide much fodder for real political action.

The new issue of Blueprint magazine has an article by a Democratic pol who now wishes he had used a "reform" mantra to counter the very simple message of the GOP last November. Former U.S. Rep. Brad Carson, who lost a once-promising Senate race last year to wingnut Republican Tom Coburn, lays it all out, and it's worth a careful read.
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