Thursday, May 05, 2005

British Exits

Well, having done earlier posts suggesting that Labour might actually lose, and that Labour might be headed for a landslide, I guess I'm not surprised to learn that the exit polls show something in between: a Labour majority, but reduced from 161 seats to 66. In terms of the popular vote, the exits have Labour at 37 percent, the Tories at 33 percent, and the Lib Dems at 21 percent. While the Labour and LibDem percentages are exactly what the final polls suggested, the Tories did about 6 points better. More importantly, a Tory strategy of focusing most of their resources on marginal seats seems to have paid off, since they seem to be winning a much bigger chunk of the lost Labour seats than the LibDems.

But in a campaign full of surprises (despite much voter apathy), we'll have to wait for the final numbers to see what really happened.
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