Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Real Hillary

I'm not much in the habit of praising articles about the Democratic Party that appear in The Nation, but they've just posted an article about Hillary Clinton by New York Magazine columnist Greg Sargent that is really essential reading. Debunking the "Hillary's moving to the center to defraud voters" line that people like Dick Morris have been peddling, Sargent offers a nuanced view of Clinton's recent policy and political positions that depicts her as a complex thinker who pursues progressive goals through flexible means appropriate to middle-class values and what's actually doable.

Here's the money quote:

In essence, she's triangulating against herself: she's revealing the common-sense-solution-embracing Hillary, in contrast to the left-wing ideologue her caricaturists gave us. It helps that Hillary, while extraordinarily shrewd and calculating, also really is hard-working, hard-headed and culturally moderate. In the end, the irony is that her effort is working not just because it's smart politics but also because it's largely genuine.

Read the whole thing, but the passage above suggests that Sen. Clinton's effort to redefine herself as herself is a pretty good reflection of the challenge facing a complex, progressive-minded, but essentially hard-headed and moderate Democratic Party as a whole.
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