Saturday, June 04, 2005

Full Nelson

There's an interesting Babington piece in today's Washington Post that says things are looking up for the two most vulnerable Democratic Senators going into the 2006 elections: the Nelson boys, Ben of Nebraska and Bill of Florida.

In Ben's case, there are signs the compromise on judicial nominations, whatever it means to the federal bench or the future of the filibuster, has been very popular in Nebraska. And in Bill's case, Florida Republicans continue to struggle to recruit a strong candidate to challenge him, with Rep. Katherine Harris, a cult figure among GOP activists but a probable loser in a general election, looking more and more like the front-runner for the Republican nomination.

Holding the Nebraska and Florida seats is absolutely critical to the prospect of serious Democratic Senate gains in 2006. That's why the growing signs of a full Nelson sweep are sweet for Democrats who would prefer to focus on knocking off vulnerable Republicans like Santorum, Burns and Chafee.
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