Thursday, February 09, 2006

Another Shot At the Budget Bill

Via DKos, I just read an article from The Hill that warms the cockles of my heart: a technical screwup in the budget reconciliation bill recently rammed through Congress by the GOP and signed by Bush could theoretically force a re-vote. All Congressional Dems have to do is object to a unanimous consent motion to fix the problem. They should.

Just before the hurry-up House vote on the obnoxious measure, Mark Schmitt provided a good analysis of why it was important to defeat it. Those reasons have been strengthened by the subsequent, aggressive Republican effort to push more tax cuts--far offsetting the "savings" in the budget measure--and by Bush's new budget proposal for next year, which continues the let's-cut-taxes-and-let-the-military-fight-it-out-with-every-other-national-priority-for-what's-left fiscal philosophy of this administration.

Democrats have one more shot at some really bad and important legislation. They should lock and load on this one.
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