Thursday, April 06, 2006

Another Brooks Brothers' Riot?

I have to tell you, Tom DeLay's staff and supporters reflect his allegedly deep Christian values about as well as the Hammer himself. Aside from the fact that two of his former top aides are up to their necks in the dreck of the Abramoff scandal, and the additional fact that DeLay himself and a couple of close Texas associates are one trial away from a possible trip to the hoosegow, there's the chronic habit of Delayniacs of engaging in some rather un-Christlike physical intimidation tactics.

Remember the infamous Brooks Brothers' Riot of 2000, wherein a bunch of pasty Young Republican types, including a DeLay staffer and a DeLay fundraiser, shut down a South Florida presidential recount effort? A group of Houston DeLay supporters brought back memories today by organizing a disruption of a press conference by Nick Lampson, the Democratic candidate for DeLay's seat. It's all of a piece with DeLay's own snarling, unrepentatent attitude towards the behavior that has cost him his leadership position and his seat in the House.

Somebody needs to tell DeLay and his friends they should stop while they're behind.
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