Saturday, April 29, 2006

Returning to the Scene of the Crime

I don't have a lot to add to news reporting of the rapidly burgeoning "Hookergate" scandal involving resigned and soon-to-be-hoosegowed Republican Congressman Duke Cunningham, a couple of defense contractors, other as-yet-unnamed solons and perhaps major CIA spooks, and some Ladies of the Night.

But how rich is it that the alleged scene of the sexual, as opposed to the financial, prostitution scandals involved in this story was the Watergate Hotel? D'you suppose this was some sort of deliberate staging to make it clear that GOPers can break laws exactly wherever they want to? Is this the functional equivalent of George Allen responding to allegations of Confedero-mania by doing an environmental photo op at the Nathan Bedford Forrest State Park in Tennessee?

The gross nature of the Hookergate violations, if they are true, is pretty astonishing, involving as they do not only bribery and prostitution, but insider manipulations on behalf of a Limousine/"Escort" service run by a guy with a very long rap sheet who somehow landed a giant, $21-million-dollar no-bid contract with those highly competent anti-terrorists over at the Department of Homeland Defense.

Every single day, the contemporary GOP makes the Nixon crowd look like pikers at the power-corrupts game.
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