Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Cool New Things

There are two new publications just launched on the web that merit special attention this week. The first is The Democratic Strategist, edited by three of my favorite people, Bill Galston, Ruy Teixeira and Stan Greenberg, which offers a unique place for far-ranging and inclusive debates on--you guessed it--Democratic political strategy. The first issue offers essays by Democrats ranging from Will Marshall to Bob Borosage, which pretty much spans the ideological spectrum of the party. There's also a daily blog on the site.

The second new entry is Democracy: A Journal of Ideas, edited by two well-known Class of '92 New Democrats, Andrei Cherny and Ken Baer. This quarterly is notable for the fact that it solicits gigantic (5,000 word!) articles on public policy, which is virtually unheard of these days, but which might supply a future Democratic Congress or administration with some serious brain food.

At a time when so much progressive cyber-journalism is balkanized into factional camps, both these offerings can help provide a welcome opportunity for genuine, open debate. Please do check them out.
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