Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Plague O' Frogs

As you may have seen or read, the Washington, DC area is under what looks to be a semi-perpetual flash flood watch, with roads all over the place becoming impassable and basements flooding on everything other than high ground. Rain will more or less continue for the next few days, and there's a potential tropical storm brewing up off the Carolina coast that could really make things biblical in these parts.

I don't know this for sure, but as The Nation's Capitol continues to get battered, those on both ends of the political spectrum who think of this city as the source of all iniquity may become quietly pleased that Big Beltway Types may be knee-deep in muddy water just like disaster victims elsewhere.

For us small fry in the Emerald City, it will be a good time to hunker down, read and sleep, turn on some bad TV, get right with God, get together with dear friends, or just watch the rain pelt the windows and hope that mudslides are primarily a west-coast phenomenon. And let's hope that the Good Lord is not deep down a neo-populist of the Left or Right, and is visiting upon us a modern Plague of Frogs.
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