Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Bad News For Ralph

With six days to go until the Georgia Primary, Ralph Reed's plan to get to the White House via the Lieutenant Governorship and then the Governorship of his adopted state ain't looking like a very good bet, even for real gamblers. Two new polls came out today showing Reed trailing state senator Casey Cagle. And one of them, released by Insider Advantage, shows a really bad trend for Ralph: in just two weeks, he's gone from leading Cagle 32-27 to trailing him 41-36, indicating that late deciders are breaking towards Cagle.

Yesterday there was also news casting a harsh light on Reed's troubles: the final campaign finance figures showed Cagle outraising Ralph by nearly a 3 to 1 margin in the last quarter, forcing Reed to loan a cool half million to his campaign. This is really a roll of the dice for Ralph: it's not like he's going to recoup this "loan" on the back-end if he loses next week. Given Cagle's Ralph's-a-lying-sellout -who's-supporting-gambling-and-forced-abortions-and-prostitution ad campaign, I sorta doubt he'll go out of his way to help his opponent retire his campaign debts after the primary. And Ralph's past benefactors, his ol' buddies Jack Abramoff and Grover Norquist, are not in a very good position to toss any more cash his way.

Maybe Reed's legendary mobilization skills will enable him to pull this out in a low-turnout primary, but if I were him, I'd spend some time petitioning the Lord for forgiveness and redemption. Insofar as the Lord seems to treat the self-righteous with special disdain, I wouldn't be surprised if Ralph gets a busy signal if he calls for divine intervention on his behalf.
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