Tuesday, July 18, 2006


So it's official: Ralph Reed lost his bid to become the Lieutenant Governor of Georgia tonight; he lost early and lost pretty big. At one point, long after Reed had conceded to Casey Cagle, I was on the phone with a Georgia political operative, who was watching local television, and said: "Seems to be about five people left at Ralph's party. Wonder if they've started serving liquor yet." She went on to report a more disturbing image from the tube: Cynthia McKinney (who may, in the biggest upset of the night, wind up getting knocked into a runoff) appeared to be doing the electric slide with Cindy Sheehan at her election night shindig.

In any event, I wanted to report that my colleague The Moose and I agreed today to do an unprecedented joint post tomorrow if Ralph lost. We haven't been seeing eye to eye on some things lately, but we sure can agree to Praise the Lord that Ralph Reed won't be climbing any ladders to power real soon.
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