Monday, April 02, 2007

Mo' Money

The first quarter fundraising numbers for the Republican presidential candidates are trickling out now, and their Big Three money men have demolished all past records as well. It was certainly being rumored that the Mittster would have a great quarter to offset his recently dismal poll ratings, but his $23 million haul was pretty amazing. Giuliani reported $15 million, and John McCain came in at about $12-and-a-half million.

The McCain numbers are bad news for the some-time front-runner, given his Establishment Candidate status, although, as Markos points out, McCain's dollar-to-donor ratio is quite low, meaning he's raising smaller contributions from benefactors who haven't hit the legal limit. But the bigger news is that Romney, Giuliani and McCain--all of whom have serious vulnerabilities as candidates--or going to be hard to catch by the rest of the field.
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